Online Craps Tips

Online Craps Tips

4 Tips to Increase Your Odds When Playing Online Craps

Online craps is a fair choice for an entertaining and fast-paced casino game. A few dice rolls instantly give you the chance to score big wins, and the variety of bets you can place make the game exciting. But to make your game rewarding, you must know how to play smart. Follow these easy online craps tips to increase your odds of winning in online craps.

1| Learn and Understand How the Game Works

Mastering the different rules and the types of bets applicable to the game is the first step to a good betting experience. By doing so, you can play the game with ease and know which game strategies work best for you. Level up your knowledge and skills in online craps and start by checking out this easy online craps tutorial.

2| Go for Pass Line Bet and Free Odds Bet

There are two basic bets when playing craps: pass line and don’t pass line. The former bets that the result of a roll is 7 or 11, while the latter bets on drawing a 2, 3, or 12. Going for a pass line bet gives you the chance to win higher payouts. This is because the house advantage on a pass line bet is 1.41%, which is significantly lower than the 1.36% house edge of a don’t pass line bet.

Another craps bet that you should opt for is the free odds bet. It is the most profitable wager you can make when playing online craps because it has a zero house advantage. You can place this bet after placing your pass line or don’t pass line bet and only when the result of the draw is a point, or any number besides 7, 11, 2, 3, or 12. If the point is drawn before a 7 on the next roll, free odds bet wins.

3| Avoid Placing Proposition Bets Too Often

Proposition bet is typically placed on the center of the virtual craps table. This type of bet can be a fair choice if you want to win big, thanks to its high payout rate. Constantly going for a prop bet, however, is not advisable because of the high house advantage rate and elusive odds. For instance, hardway bet, a popular example of prop bet, requires the dice to be a pair or to show the same number such as a pair of 2, 3, 4, or 5. This would be hard to achieve as the odds of getting a doubles is fairly low. In addition, the house edges for the combinations are set on high rates. A pair of 2s or 5s has a house edge of about 11.1%, while double 3 and double 5 is 9.09%.

4| Learn Online Craps Betting Systems

Apart from knowing which bets hold the best odds, learn how to manage your bets strategically. A good betting strategy is essential to maximize your bankroll, making you play the game longer. Here are the most popular betting systems that you can use to make the most out of your online craps experience.

Martingale System

This betting strategy is applicable to many popular casino games, including craps. Martingale features a negative progression betting system. It aims to recover your losses by doubling your bet after every loss and resetting your bet to the original amount in case of a win. For instance, you place a US$5-pass line bet. If you win, you can bet the same amount in the next round. But if you lose, you need to wager US$10 on the next roll. This approach can help you win back your losses immediately. The risk, however, is your bet amount will go up rapidly if you get into a losing streak.

Paroli System

This betting system is the reverse approach of Martingale. Your objective when you opt for this strategy is to maximize your winning streaks. In Paroli, you double your bet when you win, and go back to your original bet amount when you lose. For instance, you place a US$5-pass line wager. If you lose, you should play the next round with the same bet amount. But if you win, you need to make a new US$10 wager for the next draw. Continue doing so until you catch a winning streak. With Paroli, three consecutive wins will require you to go back to your original bet and continue playing the game.

Iron Cross System

This betting strategy is also known as the No Seven betting system. As the name suggests, No Seven approach aims to increase your odds by placing field and place bets at the same time on the entire craps table, except on 7. What is good about Iron Cross system is it covers most of the bets on the virtual craps table. As a result, you get more chances to win. But on the downside, this betting strategy requires a big bankroll. Plus, when the roll draws a 7, you lose all your bets.

Playing online craps with a betting strategy is always better than betting haphazardly. If you want to play the game without risking your bankroll, choose betting sites that allow you to play casino games in Free Play mode.

Online craps is a game of luck, but with the right tips, you can make the most out of your experience. Try these tips by playing a round of online craps today. For more gaming tips, guides, and tutorials, visit HappiStar Tips – your go-to online learning hub for online casino games.

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