Online Poker Tips

Online Poker Tips

Common Mistakes Most Beginners Make in Online Poker

There are various ways and strategies to win when playing online poker. The diversity of the gaming techniques, however, also leaves players, especially beginners, with many rooms for mistakes. But do not worry; you can steer clear of these flubs by knowing them beforehand.  As the cliché goes, prevention is always better than cure. Here are the most common online poker blunders that you must avoid at all cost.

Not Knowing When to Fold

Most newbies in online poker rooms tend to raise or call even though they have a weak card. As a result, they lose more than what they could afford. This practice also gives your co-players an impression that you do not have the skills to know when or when not to fold. Raising or checking every round might seem like you have a good card and will then drive your opponents to fold, but if done wrong, you might lose all your funds and exit from the game early.

Showing Too Many Tells

Most players who commit this mistake are unaware that they are doing it. Tells are actions that you unconsciously do, which gives clues or indications about what cards you are holding. Showing too many tells can cost you a lot because other players can calculate their next move against you. Of course, most beginners are guilty of this practice because they are in the early process of honing their skills in online poker.

Spotting tells can be easy in a brick-and-mortar casino. A normally talkative player can become quiet when he/she has a strong hand, while some players touch their face when they bluff. Other gamers even place a certain fixed amount of bet when they have a good or bad hand. But how can you spot tells in online poker? Usually, it is by observing how long it takes a player to act on his/her hand. Here are some common examples of tells in online poker:

  1. A player is taking too long to Check
  2. A player is making a Call instantaneously
  3. A player is making a Check instantaneously
  4. A player is opting for a Raise during a Turn or a River Round

A player taking too long to check might mean that he/she has a weak card. In contrast, strong cards usually make a player call or raise right away.

Over Betting or Under Betting

Knowing how to size your bet is an important factor when playing online poker. Put the wrong bet and you will be emptying your bankroll at an alarming speed. Sure, it takes time to be an expert in this aspect, but knowing the basics will help you flip and call with ease.

Observing the moves of the other players can be a good basis for your bets. For instance, during the Pre-Flop round, players usually bet three to eight times the amount of the big blind. Determine what seems to be the normal pre-flop bet on your table. Then, take note whenever a player swerves from that standard. For instance, when the normal bet on your table is 3x, and a player decides to open the game by betting 5x, chances are he/she has a good card. You can use this observation as a basis for your next move.


In the language of online poker, a tilt is a period of mental or emotional frustration that results to a poor performance of a player. Many elements can cause this distress, such as losing streaks, poor bluffs, and even events that are not related to the game. All of these can make you lose your focus and become more aggressive when playing.

To avoid tilting, make sure to observe your emotional state before playing. If you are not in the mood, you can reschedule the game for later. But if you experience tilt in the middle of the game, you can stop for a while and close your eyes. From there, regulate your breathing and relax. If none of these work, the best thing to do is take a break. You can always come back when you are ready.

Online poker is a thrilling game that you can master as you play and play. Now that you know what mistakes to avoid when playing it, you can now confidently test your skills by playing with real-money bets. If you prefer to play the game for fun first, you can always play in Free Play mode.

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