Tips to Win in Scratch Card

Tips to Win in Scratch Card

5 Tips to Be Better at Playing Scratch Cards

One of the easiest games of luck to play is online scratch card. You buy a ticket, scratch off the surface, and see if you got any reward. It is a game that will make your heart beat faster as you wait for the game to reveal your prize.  Even if the results are unpredictable, you still have a chance to make the most out of your game session by following these five simple tips to win in scratch card below.

Online Scratch Cards

1 │ Check the Bonuses

The disadvantage of playing scratch card online is that you cannot always buy as many cards as you want. You can have only one card per round. But the advantage is that gaming hubs give you special bonuses even if you do not win.

To maximize the use of these rewards, be sure to check the bonuses offered by the online gaming hub. See if there are deposit bonuses, cashbacks, and more. After all, having various bonuses will help you playing more scratch card rounds.  If the incentives satisfy you, then sign up and start playing.

2 │ Try Scratch Cards with Progressive Jackpots

Other scratch card games have a fixed jackpot. That can be nice especially when the jackpot prize is reasonable.  But, you have the option to aim for a higher prize by choosing scratch cards with progressive jackpots. The top prize in these games increases as players continue to bet on the games. This means that if you have chosen a progressive scratch card game that is also played by a lot of other players, then you can expect that the prize is more than what you can get from a game that has a fixed jackpot.

3 │ Set a Budget per Scratch Card Gaming Session

Scratch cards is a game of luck. There are no betting or “scratching” strategies that will guarantee wins, especially because the game does not have betting options unlike other casino games. All you have is your card and luck.

Despite that, you can control your losses, and even your wins. What you should do is allot a certain amount of money for each scratch card gaming session. Risk only the amount that you can afford to lose. Set a budget per day or per week so that you do not end up using all your funds just in one session.

Say you allot US$50 for scratch cards today, and one card costs US$5. Then you should scratch no more than 10 cards. If after scratching all the 10 cards you are left with, say, US$15 worth of winnings, stop purchasing some more. Schedule another day on which you will once again play scratch cards with an allotted budget. If the next day you play according to the budget and lose, do not chase your losses. Wait until your next scratch card game day. Controlling your losses when playing the game is a matter of discipline.

4 │ Play RNG Scratch Cards

To ensure that the game is fair, choose a scratch card that uses a random number generator (RNG). To see if your chosen game is an RNG card, check the software provider of the game and make sure that the game provider is credible. It also pays when you check if the casino is licensed to ensure that your funds are in good hands.

5 │ Know When to Stop

Sometimes, things just do not go your way. When you notice that you are losing five or more times in a row, it is best that you stop the game and come back when you feel that you can win a round. You may even consider playing other casino games offered by the gaming hub.

Playing scratch card is easy and fun, especially when you know that you can be an instant winner if you are lucky. If you have doubts on your luck, take note of these tips to make your scratch card session more worthwhile. And if you are looking for more gaming tips, just visit HappiStar Tips.

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