Easy Sic Bo Strategies

Easy Sic Bo Strategies

Sic Bo Strategies for Beginners, Experts, and High-Rollers

Online Sic bo is played using three dice and a sic bo table. Most online players think that sic bo is the Chinese version of craps, but it is not. Although both games involve betting on certain conditions that depend on the result of a dice roll, sic bo presents a faster-paced gameplay.

In craps, certain bets require multiple rolls of the dice to determine the winner. But in sic bo, every roll of the dice results in either a win or a loss. Since there can be a winner after every dice roll in sic bo, you need to employ a strategy to maximize your bet. You do not want to go home empty-handed, right? So continue reading this guide and know the easy sic bo strategies for beginners, experienced players, and high-rollers.

Strategies for Beginners

Beginners are those who never played the game yet or have tried the game but still lack knowledge on the know-how of the game. If you are a part of this group, then it is recommended that you apply these simple tactics:

1 │ Play Demo Games

For you to further understand the mechanics of the game, you should play the demo version of sic bo. The demo game lets you play without having you bet using your money. . Even better, you can use the demo games to create your own sic bo strategy.

2 │ Do Not Be Overwhelmed by the Various Betting Options

One of the best features of sic bo is that it offers a wide range of betting options. But do not be overwhelmed especially if this is your first time to play. You still need to familiarize yourself with the different types of bets, such as double bets and triple bets, to know which bet to wager on.

Sic bo bets feature different payouts and odds. For instance, low-risk sic bo wagers like small and big bets hold an even-money payout. On the other hand, elusive wagers like triple bets have a 180-to-1 payout. Make sure to pick a wager that will suit your preference and bankroll. To do this, you can check the different sic bo bets here.

3 │ Choose the Safest Bets More Often

Among all the sic bo bet options available, small and big bets have the lowest house edge — 2.78%. They are your safest bets, so wager on them from time to time to lessen the risk of losing so much money in a shorter span of time.

Small and Big Bets

As a beginner, you can start your first gaming session with a small bankroll. With little money to risk, your best strategy is to go for the safest bets which have a 1-to-1 payout. But once you are off this level, you can be more experimental in selecting your bets.

Strategies for Experts

When you have played sic bo and, in a way, mastered its overall gameplay, then you are now an experienced player. If you have reached this level, then you can upgrade your game with these strategies:

1 │ Wager on Bets with Higher Payouts

Since you are now more exposed to online sic bo, you have a clear understanding of the different odds, house edges, and payouts in the game. Pair this expertise with a good bankroll and you can start wagering more on bet options with higher payouts, such as the triple bet which pays when you have guessed the right three-of-a-kind combination like 5-5-5 or 6-6-6. This bet could pay you 180 to 1 if the result is your chosen triple. Although three-of-a-kind combos do not often come out, they give you a chance to win a huge payout way bigger than 1-to-1 wins.

2 │ Use Combination Betting

Combination bets give you the option to choose from two specific numbers that will most likely appear in the next dice roll. For instance, you prefer to bet on a 1 and 3, then you can win the round as long as these two numbers appear on the dice. By betting on two different numbers, you have a bigger chance of winning after the roll.

Combination Betting

Unlike beginners, experienced players know how the game works, so it is expected that these types of players know which the safe and risky bets are. As an experienced sic bo bettor, you should know when to shift from safe bets to risky bets, and vice versa.

Strategies for High Rollers

High rollers are those players who are willing to bet large amounts of funds, believing they will have a bigger chance of winning this way. Usually, these types of players aim to win multiple bets in one round. So if you consider yourself a high roller, then here are the strategies for you:

1 │ Make Random Bets

Most high rollers do not have to stick on steady or low-risk sic bo bets because they do not worry much about their bankroll. Most of the time, they are more interested in the excitement of the game. So as a high roller, you had better make random bets each round. Go for bets with big payouts like 4 and 17 since both have a payout of 62 to 1. Also, consider changing your combination every round for a bigger chance of guessing the next combination right.

2 │ Create Betting Units to Wager on

If you are a high roller who still wants to strategize which bets to wager on, create different bets with a pattern. The best tactic would be to place some of your chips in the middle of the board, like 8, 9, 12, or 13 and some on double dice boxes equivalent to your first wager. For example, you chose to bet on 8, then you can go for double 1, double 2, and double 3. You can then change the next combination according to your preference in the next round as long as you keep your pattern this way.

Betting Units

Overall, the best tactic is to make as many bets as you can so that in case some of your bets do not win, you will still have other bets that can help you cover up for your losses. However, this kind of strategy comes with much risk, so it is not recommended for beginners.

With these strategies clustered according to your player level, you will now find sic bo more challenging and exciting to play. Whether you are a beginner, expert, or a high roller, there is a set of tactics that can help you win. For more helpful game strategies, visit HappiStar Tips.

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