Effective Keno Strategies

Effective Keno Strategies

A Handy Guide to Playing Keno

Online keno is a game in which you have to guess the right combination of numbers to win. At first glance, online keno’s gameplay resembles that of bingo. Both games draw random outcomes from a definite set of numbers. But while bingo lets does not allow you to decide what numbers to appear on your card, keno gives you the freedom to choose what numbers will be part of your set of winning numbers.

Just like most online casino games, keno is a game of luck. You pick your up to 20 lucky numbers, make a bet, and wait for the machine to reveal the results. Then, you can be one of the lucky keno winners when your selected combination is part of the draw. Note that the result of the draw is random, so you cannot predict the outcome of the game. Even so, you can be a smart player and win big by using these effective keno strategies.

1│ Go for Progressive Jackpots

A keno game which features a progressive jackpot has a grand prize that continues to increase as long as no one wins the jackpot combo yet. One reason players prefer to play this game is that you have a chance to get the highest-paying option if you win a round.

Since keno is game of chance, anyone, even you, can be the lucky winner. So why should you settle for a game with a fixed jackpot when you can opt for games with growing prize pools? Go for the option that can give you the best payouts. Who knows? The first round of progressive jackpot keno you play might just be your shot at the coveted top prize.

2 │ Pick Only Six Numbers

Online Keno

Most players think that choosing a lot of numbers can give them more chances of winning. That is not true. In fact, picking 10 or more keno numbers is not recommended because the odds of winning the top prizes will decrease as your number selection increases.  The best way that you can increase your chance in winning is picking from 5 to 6 numbers.

3 │ Go for Multi-Race Cards

Some betting sites offer the multi-race cards option. This option lets you repeat your original selection as many times as you can. This feature saves you the effort of entering your favorite numbers round after round. Another advantage of using this option is you can bet on your preferred numbers for as many round as your bankroll will allow. So if you have a set of lucky numbers that you believe will be called soon, just activate this feature.

4 │ Choose Numbers That Have Not Come up

Another smart tactic that you can use is to pick numbers that have not been drawn in a while. Pay attention to each draw and notice which numbers have not been turning up for several rounds already. These numbers may soon be the next results to come out in the succeeding rounds. You may even combine half of your favorite numbers with the numbers that never got drawn in the previous rounds. While this tactic does not guarantee that you will win, it keeps you from using your keno card combinations that have not been giving you any wins.

By following these four simple strategies, you can confidently pick your numbers, place your bets, and make the most of your keno gaming sessions. For additional keno tips and more game tutorials, visit HappiStar Tips.

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