Online Craps Strategies

Online Craps Strategies

5 Strategies to Increase Your Chance of Winning in Online Craps

Playing craps is fun and exciting, especially when you apply certain strategies or at least follow some simple craps tips. To put it simply, craps is a game in which all players have a chance to roll the dice. For you to win, you need to place a bet on any of the various betting options available. You can opt for the come bet, pass bet, and so on. When the dice result is equivalent to your chosen bet, you win. Say you wager on the pass line bet, you will win if the outcome of the dice roll is 7 or 11.

Although craps takes on a simple gameplay, it is still important that you use game strategies for a bigger chance of getting rewards. To be the next big craps winner, check out these winning online craps strategies.

1 │ Use the Pass Line Bet

One of the safest and simplest bets that you can use in craps is the pass line bet. This is because this bet has a low house edge of 1.41%. You will win using the pass line bet if the dice roll is equivalent to 7 or 11. On the contrary, you will lose when the dice result is 2, 3, or 12.

Pass Line Bet

If the result is not any of the mentioned numbers, that number becomes a point. In this case, the following outcome should be another number other than 7 for you to win. Otherwise, you lose.

You might be wondering: Why focus just on the pass line bet when it has the same house edge as come bets? Although it is true that both bets have a house edge of 1.41%, pass line bets have a bigger winning probability. This is because you can bet on the pass line bet even before the game starts whereas you need to wait until the dice outcome is a point for you to make a come bet.

2 │ Go for the Low-House Edge Bets

If you want to make sure that your game session will last, wager on bets with a low house edge. These bets are the pass line bet, come bet, don’t pass, and don’t come bet, each with a payout of 1 to 1. Pass line and come bets have a house edge of 1.41%, while don’t pass or don’t come bets have a house edge of 1.4%.

The amount of risk you take for wagers with a low house edge is lower than that for bets with a high house edge. This gives lesser chance to lose. In this case, you can save money for you to play more games.

3 │ Wager on Hard 4, Hard 10, Big 6, and Big 8 Sparingly


Wagering on a hard 4, a hard 10, a big 6, or a big 8 means that you are betting that the next dice combination is pairs or doubles. In this case, the dice result should be 2-2, 3-3, or 4-4. If you wager on a hard 4 or a hard 10, the payout is 7-to-1. If you bet on the big 6 or big 8, the payout is 9-to-1. However, the chance of getting a pair is low. So if you want to have a bigger chance of winning, wager on these bets sparingly, or do not wager on these bets at all.

4 │ Use the Three-Point Molly Strategy

This strategy is quite simple: place your chips on three numbers. Bet on the pass line, and then back up your pass line bet by adding single or double odds to it. Afterward, wager on the come bet. Even if you lose on any of the three numbers, you still have a chance to win with the remaining bets. The payouts for pass bets and come bets are 1-to-1.

5 │ Maximize Odds Bets

The biggest advantage of odds bet is that it does not have a house edge. You can expect that this bet is fair since the casino will not be profiting from this bet. For you to make an odds bet, you need to make another bet. Say, you make an odds bet after you have made a pass bet.

Odds Bets

With an odds bet placed, you are betting that a point will appear before 7. You can win a 2-to-1 payout if the dice result is 4 and 10. Do not be disheartened if the result is a 5 or 9 because this will pay you 3 to 2 in an odds bet. Meanwhile, you can get a payout of 6 to 5 when the result is either 6 or 8.

Now that you know these online craps strategies, you are ready to rake in payouts round after round. Load an online craps game now and follow the pointers above for a more rewarding betting session. To know more casino game strategies, go to HappiStar Tips.


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