Paroli Betting System

Paroli Betting System

Understanding the Paroli Betting System

One of the most widely used betting strategies is the Paroli betting system. This positive progression scheme, which is also known as the Reverse Martingale system, requires you to increase your bet every time you win.

The technique was first used in playing Basset, an Italian card game. Since then, the strategy has been used in various games such as pai gow poker, sic bo, and craps. But if you want the best results, Paroli experts recommend that you use the strategy in roulette. Continue reading to know how you can generate more wins from roulette by using the Paroli betting system.

How Does the System Work?

The advantage of using Paroli in roulette is that you no longer need to take note of your previous bets or memorize computations, unlike when you use Fibonacci technique and Labouchere betting strategy.

REMEMBER: You should use Paroli only on even-money bets or bets that give you a 50-50 chance to win.

In roulette, then, it is recommended that you go only for outside bets such as even or odd, black or red, and 1-to-18 or 19-to-36. This is because the probability that any of these bets will come out is 50% or nearly 50%.

Now how do you start using the betting system? You just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Set Your Stake

Paroli is a positive progression system, which means that you increase your wager after every win. This is why it is important that you set your wager first. It is best to start at a low wager. Otherwise, you might run out of funds in case you have winning streaks.

Say, your budget for playing roulette is US$100. You should not place US$50 as your initial wager because you could end up losing your funds after three games. Instead, you should set your stake to US$1. This way, you have more chances of playing more, and you are not risking a lot of your funds in case you lose the round.

  1. Double Your Stake When You Win

The rule of Paroli is that you double your wager every time you win. For instance, you placed a US$1 on an even bet in roulette. Fortunately, the ball landed on an even number, which means you won. Following the Paroli betting system rule, your wager in the next round should be US$2. If you win again, you will have to bet US$4 on the next spin.

  1. Revert Your Stake to Initial Wager After 3 Consecutive Wins

Another important rule in using Paroli is that when you already have three consecutive wins, revert your stake to your initial bet. Following the example earlier, your bet after incurring three consecutive wins should now be back to US$1.  You should also remember that in the event that you lose any round, your stake should go back to your base wager.

This system is easier to apply than other strategies. It makes sure that you do not end up wagering a considerably high amount after up to three consecutive rounds.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Paroli betting system is not complicated to understand. You just have to remember that you add funds to your wager every time you win, and you go back to your initial stake after three consecutive wins or when you lose. This makes the strategy easy to use. Another perk is that you have a huge chance of avoiding a huge loss. The downside of the system is that there is no guarantee that you can get a winning streak. So you might still end up losing some of your funds.

Although there is no assurance that the system will work in your favor, you can still try using Paroli betting system—especially when you feel that you can get a winning streak. You can, however, check other betting strategies that you think will fit your betting style and even your bankroll. In this case, visit HappiStar Tips for more gaming tips and strategies.

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