Bitcoin Dice Tutorial

Bitcoin Dice Tutorial

Learn How to Play Bitcoin Dice in 3 Simple Steps

Bitcoin dice takes the classic dice game to another level by making it more fun and lucrative. The game comes with irresistible features like anonymous betting, lower house edge, and faster transactions. The game’s simplicity, along with easy-to-understand rules and gameplay, is one of the strong factors that make dice a popular game in the online gambling community. In fact, you can learn how to play this game like a pro in few simple steps through this Bitcoin dice tutorial.

Step 1. Fund Your Bitcoin Wallet

Before playing the game, make sure that you have enough funds in your crypto wallet. Most Bitcoin betting sites feature a crypto faucet that will load free satoshis or small units of bitcoins to your account the moment you sign up. Use these free credits to try out the game without risking your bankroll. Think of it like playing games in Free Play mode, but the difference is you have a chance to score prizes.

Step 2. Set Your Wagering Terms

When playing Bitcoin dice, you need to key in these details on every roll: bet amount, bet size multiplier, win chance, and payout. Start the game by placing your bet amount. Take note of the minimum and maximum wager requirements of the betting site that you chose. Then, set a multiplier that will determine your bet size or pick your preferred winning chance. Adjusting any of these two parameters will automatically adjust the other. Be rational in doing this because your winning percentage affects your payout and will determine certain dice number. Choosing a high winning percentage will give you a lower prize return. On the contrary, opting for a lower winning chance offers higher payouts.

After providing all the above details, you will get a number that will be the basis of your bets. With traditional dice games, you have only a few numbers to choose from. But when you play Bitcoin dice, you have a wide set of numbers ranging from 0 to 100. The number selection, however, depends on the betting site that you are playing on.

Most Bitcoin dice platforms allow you to set your wagering terms manually or through the Auto feature. Manual betting requires you to input certain wagering terms for every roll. The Auto feature, on the other hand, lets you play with ease by rolling the dice automatically according to your set terms.

Step 3. Roll Over or Roll Under

After getting a number, choose whether to roll over or to roll under. Roll over bets win if the result of the roll is higher than the selected number. Roll under bets, on the other hand, win if the result of the draw is lower than the selected number.

Learning how to play Bitcoin dice is fun and easy. Just follow these simple steps and you are set to roll your way to big crypto wins. The best part is you can play this game in the comfort of your home.

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