Keno Tutorial

Keno Tutorial

How to Play Online Keno in 3 Easy Steps

Playing online keno is fun and easy. It flaunts simple rules, fast-paced gameplay, and satisfying rewards. The game shares some similarities with the lottery and bingo. Like the latter games, online keno is a game of luck that gives you the chance to win big when you match the right set of numbers. But before testing your luck and placing your bets, you need to know how to play the game first. Check out this online keno tutorial to learn the essential steps that you should follow when playing the game.

1| Set Your Betting Conditions

Start the game by setting your bet size. The minimum and maximum wager amounts depend on the online casino. Generally, you can play a round with a nominal amount.

Then set how many spots you would like to play per draw. Spots are the numbers that you want to place your bet on from among the numbers indicated on your virtual keno ticket. When your spots match the numbers obtained from the draw, you win. Most keno games allow players to pick a maximum of 10 spots, but you can opt to play with a fewer number of spots.

Playing with the maximum number of spots can give you higher payouts when you match all or most of them with the result of the draw. For instance, when you bet on 10 spots and match five of them, you win a prize; when you match all the spots, you win the jackpot.

Lastly, set how many consecutive draws you would like to play. For instance, you may play with the same betting condition for five draws instead of setting the betting condition on each draw. This way, you can play the game with ease.

2| Mark Your Spots

After setting how many spots you want to play, you need to mark your spots from the range of numbers indicated on the screen. For instance, if you set your betting conditions to 10 spots per round, you simply click 10 numbers on your virtual keno ticket.

One of the best ways to enjoy the game is by picking your spots spontaneously. The result of the draw is random, so picking your spots either haphazardly or meticulously will not influence the result of the game. Most keno games have a Quick Pick feature, which enables the game to generate a set of spots for you to play with. You can opt for this feature if you want to pick your spots faster.

3| Wait for the Result of the Draw

The draw will begin after you have chosen your numbers. Most betting sites typically draw more numbers than what you have picked so you have higher chances to hit a match. The more matches you get, the bigger the reward is. Keep in mind that each casino may vary in terms of payout rates. To make the most out of your game, choose a betting site that offers good rates.

Now that you know your way around the game, you are all set to place your bets and get the chance to hit the jackpot with just a few clicks. To make your online keno experience more rewarding, you can check out these easy winning keno tips. In addition, if you prefer to be familiar with the game’s features without risking your bankroll, then choose betting sites that allow you to play in Free Play mode.

Apart from playing online keno, you can also test your luck by placing your bets on other casino games. Just visit HappiStar Tips to learn more beginner-friendly gaming tips, guides, and tutorials.

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